Different Kinds of Sentences in English Grammar

A group of words, which expresstes a single, complete unit of thoughts is called sentence. Groups of words not arranged properly can’t be called sentences. A sentence normally contains a subject and a predicate. The part which names the person or thing we are speaking about is called the subject of the sentence. The part which tells something about the subject is called the predicate of the sentence. The subject of the sentence usually comes first, but occasionally it put after the predicate.

Different Kinds of Sentences

There are five kinds of sentences:-

1.       Assertive Sentence:- Sentence which makes a statement or assertion is called declarative or assertive sentence.

Example of Assertive sentence:-

  1. Paris is the capital of France.
  2. Mr. Franklin is our principle.
  3. John is an intelligent boy.
  4. I did not meet my friend yesterday.

That sentences which making positive statements called affirmative sentences & those sentences which making negative statement are called negative sentences.

2.       Interrogative Sentence:- Interrogative sentences are those sentences which express a question is called an interrogative sentences.

Example of Interrogative Sentences:-

  1. How are you?
  2. Who made this mischief?
  3. Whose book is this?

3.       Imperative Sentence:-  Imperative sentence are those sentences in which some command or advice is given or some prohibition or request is made, are called imperative sentences.

Example of Imperative sentences:-

  1. Don’t tell a lie.                          (Prohibition)
  2. Sit Down.                                   (Command)
  3. Keep company with dedicated persons.              (Advice)

4.       Optative Sentences:-  Optative sentences are those sentences which contain some wish or payer are called optative sentences.

Examples of Optative Sentences:-

  1. May you live long!
  2. O That I were a free man!

5.       Exclamatory Sentences:- Exclamatory are those sentences in which some sudden feeling of emotion is expressed are called Exclamatory sentences. For instance

  1. Alas ! I am ruined.
  2. Hurrah ! We have won the match.

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